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Author: Joel Fishman, Dittakavi Rao

Legal research has changed dramatically in the past 20 years, first with the development of electronic legal research using Lexis and Westlaw and then with the introduction of the internet which has forever changed the traditional manual approach to legal research into a hybrid of both manual and electronic legal research. Drawing from nearly 50 years of combined teaching experience the authors have compiled this unique and valuable work with an approach that differs from most other methods of legal research instruction. In it they have reversed the typical instruction model into a question-answer model that will greatly benefit a large cross-section of researchers from a multitude of disciplines. In a simple-to-use, efficient reference guide this work provides answers to basic legal research questions as well as definitions of many legal terms. It also delves into the use of online and manual resources to locate answers to more complex questions. Students, librarians, attorneys, paralegals, business professionals, and the general public will truly benefit from this handy reference work.

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