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Indexing Specialties: Law

Edited by Peter Kendrick and Enid L. Zafran

This release in the popular "Indexing Specialities" series is devoted to the topic of legal indexing, with contributions from more than a dozen leading practitioners. Part 1, "Getting Started," provides practical advice for new legal indexers and those considering a career in this challenging field. Part 2 covers the ins and outs of "Indexing and Tabling Legal Cases." Maryann Corbett addresses "The Unique Challenges of Indexing Statutory Materials" in Part 3. Part 4 offers a critical assessment of "New Technologies and Methodologies," and the book concludes with Part 5, "Reflections on Legal Indexing," which includes must-read chapters by Dorothy Thomas and Kate Mertes. Editors Kendrick and Zafran have created a unique and valuable reference that belongs on the desk of every legal indexer.


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