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Indexing Specialties: Web Sites

by Heather Hedden

“Solid, detailed coverage of the Web indexing field. Indexers will especially appreciate Heather Hedden’s balanced and practical analysis of the Web indexing market, and will value the illustrated techniques for the software packages she covers.” — Jan Wright
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Here is straightforward, get-it-done advice, bringing everything you need to know to create great Web site indexes together in one place. Web site indexer extraordinaire Heather Hedden covers cutting edge tools and techniques, and demonstrates how to create index pages, index entries, indentations, hyperlinks, and cross-reference links. If you have already begun to meet the growing demand for Web site indexes, here’s a rich source of expert advice and support. If you’ve yet to create your first index on the Web, have no fear: this reassuring guide makes it seem easy!


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