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Naked in Cyberspace, 2nd EditionHow to Find Personal Information Online

By Carole A. Lane; Foreword by Beth Givens

“This book is an excellent source for help in locating personal information. The organization of the chapters, appendices, and indexes makes it an easy tool to use.” —Journal of Government Information

"After reading the first section, I felt I had gained the foundation for understanding the limitations of both the searcher and the Internet. ... Explanations of the various types of personal records are presented in a clear format with a description followed by one or more specific Websites and, in some cases, examples of searches that might result from searching the sites. ... Lane provides 'a reference guide to several thousand databases that can sometimes offer up exactly the information you need.' Naked in Cyberspace is a valuable guide that should be in public libraries; it also will be useful in academic libraries, particularly ones with criminal justice programs." —-Serials Review 28/3(2003)

In this award-winning book, Carole A. Lane surveys the types of personal records and online services that are available on the Internet. She explains how researchers find and use personal data, identifies the most useful sources of information about people, and offers advice for readers with privacy concerns. You’ll learn how to use online tools to gain competitive intelligence, locate and investigate people, access public records, find new customers, search for assets, uncover criminal records, conduct genealogical research, and more. Supported by a Web page.


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