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Net Crimes & Misdemeanors, 2nd Edition:Out maneuvering Web Spammers, Stalkers, and Con Artists

By J. A. Hitchcock Foreword by Vinton Cerf

“Net Crimes & Misdemeanors conveys, in clear and direct language, what to do when faced with electronic attacks, online opportunists, and con artists. ... Each chapter gives the reader strategies and places to go for help.”

–Business Information Alert

In this revised and expanded second edition of her popular book, cybercrime expert J. A. Hitchcock offers practical and easy-to-follow methods for dealing with spam, viruses, hack attacks, identify theft, and other online dangers. A lifeline for both individuals and business Web users, the book covers a broad range of abusive practices and features dozens of firsthand anecdotes and success stories. A one-time victim of cyberstalking who fought back and won, Hitchcock went on to become a leading victim’s advocate. Her readable and reassuring book is loaded with tips, strategies, and techniques as well as pointers to the laws, organizations, and Web resources that can aid victims and help them fight back. Supported by a Web page.


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