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Super Searchers Go to School Sharing Online Strategies with K-12 Students, Teachers, and Librarians

By Joyce Kasman Valenza; Edited by Reva Basch

Twelve prominent K-12 educators and educator librarians share their techniques and tips for helping students become effective, life-long information users. Through a series of skillful interviews, Joyce Kasman Valenza—[email protected] columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer and herself a tech-savvy high school librarian—gets the experts to reveal their field-tested strategies for working with student learners and educator peers. You’ll discover techniques for teaching search tool selection, evaluating result lists and Web sites, deciding when to use a professional database or the Invisible Web, and much more. This is a must-read for any teacher, librarian, or parent whose aim is to equip students with the skills and habits they will need to succeed in an information-driven society.


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