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Teach Beyond Your Reach: An Instructor’s Guide to Developing And Running Successful Distance Learning Classes, Workshops, Training Sessions and More

By Robin Neidorf

Distance learning is enabling individuals to earn college and graduate degrees, professional certificates, and a wide range of skills and credentials. In addition to the rapidly expanding role of distance learning in higher education, all types of organizations now offer Web-based training courses and teleseminars to employees, clients, and other associates. In Teach Beyond Your Reach, teacher and author Robin Neidorf takes a practical, curriculum-focused approach designed to help new and experienced distance educators develop and deliver quality courses and training sessions. She shares best practices and examples, surveys the tools of the trade, and covers key issues, including instructional design, course craft, adult learning styles, student-teacher interaction, strategies for building a community of learners, and much more. Read this informative and inspiring book to master the evolving art and science of distance education.


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