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Sunday. 08 December, 2019 - Saturday. 14 December, 2019
Saturday. 14 December, 2019
11:00 am

Methods of Verifying Web Content for Investigative Journalist and PI’s


This webinar is designed for online investigators, Journalist and PI’s and law enforcement personnel’s, lawyers, HR for background checks and verification, investigative journalists Etc. The course teaches several approaches to find information pages and data about persons, relations, businesses, assets, and events for investigative purposes. The student of this webinar will learn through illustrations and hands-on simulations, how to develop “deep search queries” in complex web searches? – Various methods, tools, and software used in Online Information Forensics will be introduced. A student will learn techniques in the verification of legit and authentic profiles, websites, and how to separate fake news and fake videos. If you are tracking corporate ownership and corruption, web page activity, or mapping political influence, this guide is for you.

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