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The art of keyword choices

Select effective keywords: words you predict will be in your results, important words, and synonyms when appropriate.

Thinking more deeply about your search

  • Recognize when search results are offering information that suggests a better/additional search.
  • Use 'define' to identify the meaning of words.
  • Use dictionary mode to define words that do not appear in traditional dictionaries.

Understand options for different media

  • Use image search when it appears in search results, and use related image search to refine results.
  • Refine results by using different media types like videos and news.

Reading the Search Engine Results Page (SERP)

  • Use the page preview tool to preview results pages.
  • Identify the parts of a search engine result: title, web address, and snippet/abstract.
  • Use links within the search engine results to go directly to a sub-page of the site.
  • Use the site: operator to restrict results to a domain, website, or directory.
  • Interpret a search engine results page.

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