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Search settings

Why use your search settings?

In this lesson, we're going to be talking about how to customize Google Search for you.

You can tell Google how you want it to operate when you search by specifying your Search settings. To save your settings, you must be

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Verbatim and Double-quote

Why use quotes and Verbatim?

Sometimes it is incredibly useful to be able to control how Google Search interprets your query.

The easiest way to do this is by either using quotation marks around a single word or theVerbatim mode. These tools provide an easy way to search for only

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Searching your web history

Why use your Web History?

This lesson is about how to search your own Web History.

When you have Web History turned on in your search settings, you are able make use of several options to ease your research process, including:

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Custom Search Engines

Why use Google’s Custom Search Engine?

Google’s Custom Search Engines (CSE) are a handy tool for allowing you to make your own special Google search. A CSE is basically a way of taking a query and allowing it to only search part of the internet.

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Google Alerts

Why use Google Alerts?

If you really love whale sharks, you might want to know whenever Google finds a new source that talks about them.

Google Alerts allow you to monitor the web for new information on a particular topic.

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