Context terms

What are context terms?

This lesson is about using context terms in your queries. A context term is a word in your query that is not part of the topic but instead clarifies the kind of result you want. It is a term that:

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Reverse dictionary

Why use the reverse dictionary?

Have you ever had an experience when you couldn’t recall a specific term but you knew the definition of it or a synonym of it?  Or when the name of a term was on the tip of your tongue and you just

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Using contextually appropriate language

Why care about contextually appropriate language?

If you wanted to find newspaper articles, books, or scholarly works written during the 1920s that were about World War I, you would want to be sure to remember the war’s other name: The Great War.

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Identifying common language

What is “common language”?

As an information consumer, you have probably read a fair amount. Over time, you become aware of certain patterns in the way ideas are expressed—conventions that exist in written language and standard pieces of text that are used in news stories or legal documents.

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Google Trends

Why use Google Trends?

Have you ever had an experience where, as you search for a certain topic over time, the amount of interest the general public has in that same topic changes?

For example, maybe you discovered a particular

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