Filtering content by Creative Commons licenses

What is a Creative Commons license?

Creative Commons is an organization that publishes a set of labels to describe the copyright status of content

you can find on the web. Copyright status dictates whether or not it is legal to reuse the information or picture without asking permission from the creator. Creative Commons labels can be used to find permissions for content in order to identify content you can reuse.  

For example, suppose you want to find an image to use in your work. For reuse, it is necessary to attribute ownership of the image, or identify who actually created it. The Creative Commons labels are located under Google’s “Advanced search” options. You can find “Advanced search” options by clicking on the gear icon at the top right side of the search results page .  

How to use a Creative Commons licenses?

Suppose for example, you want to find an image of kittens to include in a blog post that can be commercially used.  One of the easiest ways to do this is to utilize the Creative Commons filter.  Follow these steps:  

Step 1.  From Google Image Search, search for [kittens].

Step 2.  Click on the gear icon  in the upper right corner to access “Advanced search” options.

Step 3. “Usage rights” is the very last option. You can see all of the filter’s options by clicking on the drop-down menu. These include: not filter by license, free to use or share, free to use or share even commercially, free to use, share or modify, and free to use, share or modify even commercially.  

Step 4. Click on the option that allows you to use or share even commercially. The results should be images of kittens that can be reused commercially.

Step 5. It is imperative to double-check the copyright status if you plan to use an image commercially, because although Google does its best to have the correct copyright status associated by tag with that image or video or web content, it is imperative to double-check.  Something may have gone awry in the labeling process or somebody may have slightly mislabeled the content. So be sure to double check this.

With this skill, you can start to find exactly the kind of images you need. Creative commons tags are available for most content on the web (videos, web text, images, etc.) Using advanced search, you can filter through the copyright status of web content using the Creative Commons labels.  


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