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OR and quotes

  • Use quotes to search for a phrase.
  • Use OR to include more than one way of expressing an idea.

intext: and Advanced Search

  • Use the intext: operator to ensure the word you want is actually on the page you find.
  • Use the Advanced Search user interface when appropriate.


Verify the credibility of information you find.

Think broadly

  • Combine methods and approaches to find information efficiently.
  • Conduct research effectively with tools that are not traditionally used for research.


Identify ways to continue learning how to be an effective searcher.

The wildcard operator

Why use the wildcard operator?

Sometimes you may want to find a phrase, but you either don’t know all parts of it exactly, or you would like to see multiple variations in the results. In this case, you can use the wildcard operator (*)—also called the ‘asterisk’, ‘star’, or ‘fill-in-the-blank operator’—to stand in for words that you do not know.

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Number range operator

Why use the number range operator?

Sometimes when you are looking for information, you want to find a number that falls somewhere within a range. Maybe you don’t know precisely what number you are looking for, or perhaps you just need something

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