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Google Trends

Why use Google Trends?

Have you ever had an experience where, as you search for a certain topic over time, the amount of interest the general public has in that same topic changes?

For example, maybe you discovered a particular

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Matching resources to searches

In this lesson we are going to talk about matching your resources to your search query. The internet houses a wealth of information, and advanced searchers need to know how to navigate this vast amount of information in the most expeditious manner possible. To do this, you need to match kinds of resources with your search query.

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Using your social networks

Why use your social networks?

An important resource for you to utilize is not just what's out there on the web, but also the people that you know and the people that you are connected to through your social networks.  The people you're connected to often think about things in unique ways that are different from the way that you think

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