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Volunteer Opportunities

Get Involved. Make a difference. Become a volunteer at AIRS

Make your mark on AIRS and the profession. As a volunteer, you can show your enthusiasm in promoting your own professional value and enjoy the many benefits we can offer to you as gratitude for dedicating your time and efforts.

  • You are interested in upgrading your professional development entitles you to attend free webinars and several discounts on what you purchase from AIRS E-Shop.
  • Your volunteering entitles you to become honorary members
  • It also provides you with access to free education material
  • Enjoy special discounts on Webinars and Seminars you like to attend

Benefits of Volunteering

We offer the following modes of learning for the students

Expand Professional Network

Join a Professional Network of Research Professionals Worldwide - Increase  Knowledge Reach by Learning from Global Researchers Community

Learn Online Research Skills

Develop and sharpen vital new skills, including leadership, collaboration and team-building techniques.

Develop as a Leader

Leverage opportunities to develop your personal leadership skills while making a difference in your profession, community, and life.

Our Volunteer Relationship makes it easy to search for volunteer opportunities
throughout the various chapters of AIRS.

Become a Volunteer at AIRS

Volunteering Stories

Get Involved. Make a difference. Become a volunteer at AIRS

"I chose to become Board Certified to support the movement of a unified certification among Researchers. Nationally, we can recognize one another as professionals."

"I choose to become Volunteer Board Member to hold myself accountable to the integrity of my career as a Research Specialist. I deserve to be set apart from the rest for all the hard work I have done and will continue to do."

"The association is the great source of finding the online information where-about. The Internet search has become skill-set that I needed to learn about my ongoing research work. I am a journalist and occasional research help for my employer. I have fallen in love with the AIRS group for what they bring to people like myself. They have a lot of information on their website for Internet information search. I visit them religiously every single day, especially to read the articles they compile on daily basis."

"For me, volunteering with AIRS has been pivotal to my professional development. I know of no better avenue to gain the experience, exposure, and relationships that help improve one’s “self-product” as well as the “self-brand.” As my experience has grown over the years, I’ve also had the rewarding opportunity to “pay it forward” to emerging research stars working with them side by side."

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AIRS is the world's leading community for the Internet Research Specialist and provide a Unified Platform that delivers, Education, Training and Certification for Online Research.

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